Semalt: What is Email Spam? Why Does The Government Care About It?

Email spam is both annoying and dangerous for you. Igor Gamanenko, the Semalt expert, explains that it occurs when spammers spread malicious materials online, and their main target is your email address. Even when you report a lot of strange senders to Gmail, Yahoo, and Rediff, you cannot get rid of email spam completely as hackers use different techniques to target users.

By definition, the email spam is when an email meets any of the following criteria:

    Mass Mailing: Emails are sent to a large number of people.

    Anonymity: This happens when the identity and address of the sender are sealed, and you cannot check where he/she sent you the message from.

    Unsolicited: A recipient does not request the emails; still, he/she receives those meaningless messages almost daily.

Why do the governments care about the email spam?

The US Federal Government and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) showed concerns about the email spam and initiated a Can-Spam federal act back in 2003. According to this act, users can get their emails registered, and FTC will regularly monitor the activities on their email addresses. The primary duty of the FTC is to protect consumer and user rights in a better way.

Pay your attention that the email spam may put you at risks in a lot of ways. Some of them have been discussed below:

Financial and the Privacy Risks: As the spam emails are designed and developed to solicit the financial information and sensitive data such as PayPal IDs, credit card numbers, as well as private data such as social security number from users, this data is then used for identity thefts and different types of online crimes. The Can-Spam act does not stop emails from reaching your inbox but restricts the number of spammers by blocking their IP addresses for a lifetime.

Children Protection: The can-spam act was developed to eliminate a large number of unsolicited emails that advertise inappropriate and useless adult services to our kids. There is no specific way to prevent our children from sharing their email addresses, but we can filter out the number of senders guarantee their online safety.

Why do spammers send spam emails?

The chances are that spammers want to hack your email addresses, want to access your computers, want to get financial benefits using your details, and want to irritate your friends and family online by sending them stupid messages all the time. Moreover, some of them send spam emails to advertise their own products and try to trick users with their eye-catching images and video clips. In one way or the other, spam emails are dangerous, and you should create filters for the suspicious email IDs and senders, ensuring your protection and safety on the internet. If you get caught by spammers, you may lose a lot of money and may see your business getting destroyed because of their suspicious and illegal activities. You must not subscribe to strange newsletters and should not buy anything from non-reliable online stores.

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